Sebastian Bastian

Mr. Bastian attended ATI Technical Institution in Miami, Florida and several other personal development/technical programs which has prepared him to oversee the diverse investment portfolio business interests he has engineered.

Sebas is a young, ambitious and industrious individual with extensive managerial and operational experience in the business field having launched business ventures in the Electronics, Telecommunications, Gaming, Real Estate and Construction industries.

He was successful in the Satellite Dish business in the 90’s, being on the forefront of the growth phase of that business when his annual sales peaked at just over $2 million. He had the foresight to recognize when the technology was changing which precipitated his exit at the dawn of the new millennium.

Mr. Bastian was also the largest distributor of Phone Cards at its peak in The Bahamas. He was able to creatively find ways by which to package and bundle the cards to maximize revenue and profits, generating annual sales of around $12 million before exiting that business.

His next and enduring venture was entry into the Gaming industry by forming Island Luck. Even though Island Luck only entered the Gaming Business in 2009, in those seven short years through Mr. Bastian’s ingenuity and business acumen they have become the leaders in that industry with their sales averaging over $100 million per annum and a customer base of over 40,000.

More recently, Mr. Bastian has delved into the real estate development business and has managed to build up a portfolio of over $70 million in assets comprised of prime residential and commercial properties. These assets generate annual sales in excess of $9 million. He also started an IT enterprise which owns Gaming software that services Island Luck and other Gaming Operators. A Radio and Television Studio has recently been added to his diverse portfolio of holdings. In addition to his local investments he also has investments abroad in countries like Jamaica, Belize, and Malta.

Mr. Bastian is also the founder of IL Cares and the Own Foundation which are instrumental in the promotion and funding of local aspiring entrepreneurs. He has the vision, drive and ambition which set him apart as an extraordinary entrepreneur to be admired and emulated by business aspirants.