Business Services

Summary of Business Services

Investar offers the following corporate management services to qualified individuals and corporations, both locally and internationally: services to both local and international clients.

  • Company Incorporations
  • Foundations
  • Registered Office
  • Registered Agent
  • Individual Nominee Shareholders
  • Corporate Directorship(s)
  • Corporate Secretary
  • Company Searches
  • Corporate Administration Services

The range of companies, entities and activities under our stewardship include:

  • Group holdings and Foundation
  • Real Estate and Asset holdings
  • Commercial and Residential structures
  • Insurance and Consulting Companies
  • Investment Financing Activities

Incorporating a business means turning your sole proprietorship, an informal partnership or a trading name into a legal business structure set apart from the individuals who started/own the business. The business structure is independent, which enables the company to raise capital through the sale of shares and arranging small business loans.

Administrative costs are managed by financial service professionals to keep business activities separated from personal assets & activities.  As Registered Agents, Investar provides the legal and regulatory location to maintain incorporation documents, keep the company in good standing, and provide representation for legal, financial and business documents. We will liaise with counterparties including bankers, custodians, accountants and auditors.

Your company will have access to other financial services like an array of insurance products, new investment fund offerings and an opportunity to participate in future Bahamian projects.

To become a valued client of Investar is very simple. We require our clients to complete the Know Your Client (KYC), Due Diligence & Compliance Form.

Domestic Companies

To incorporate a domestic company under the Companies Act, 1992 in The Bahamas, the following are required, namely:

Proposed name of the Company: We suggest a minimum of three (3) names, in order of preference, for approval by the Registrar General’s Department (Companies Section).

Shareholders under Bahamian law: It is required that the Company has a minimum of two (2) shareholders.

The company will be incorporated with two (2) nominee shareholders from our office. Each of whom will subscribe for one (1) share each, which will be held in trust for the client. If one or more shareholders in the company are non-Bahamians, approval must be obtained from the Central Bank of The Bahamas (Exchange Control Department).

We are required by our regulatory authorities to obtain information and documentation on behalf of the owner(s) or ultimate beneficial owner(s) of the new company/client.

Directors and Officers: The Company is required to have a minimum of two (2) directors and may consist of Officers such as a President, and Secretary etc.

Share Capital: The authorized capital of the company and the number of shares into which the capital is to be divided is required.

The standard authorized capital used is B$5,000.00 divided into 5,000 shares of B$1.00 par value each.

Time Required to Incorporate: The normal processing time to incorporate a company and process documents is three (3) working days.

Should the company require Exchange Control approval in order to issue shares, the processing time is based upon the length of time Exchange Control Department requires in order to consider the application.

International Business Companies (IBCs)

Incorporating under the International Business Companies Act, 2000 is the most common means of conducting offshore business activities in The Bahamas. The Bahamas has slightly different requirements for IBCs than for domestic companies. IBCs must have at least one director and one shareholder, who do not have to be Bahamian residents or citizens. The director can be an individual or a company.

Register of Shareholders must be kept at the Registered Office. There is no minimum capital requirement which can be in any recognized currency (generally US$5,000.00).

IBCs require permission from the Central Bank of The Bahamas if they intend to do any business with Bahamian residents. IBCs may rent office space, engage local professionals & registered agents, maintain Bahamian bank accounts, hold real property and own shares in other companies.

Investar offers services in the formation, management and administration of IBCs, which meet international standards and compliance.

Key features of an IBC comprise the following:

  • Flexible Capital requirements – no minimum value
  • Company Incorporation within 1-2 days
  • Exemption from Exchange Control
  • Flexible Directors meetings – anywhere
  • No filing of financial statements – annual declaration

IBCs may be used for many purposes:

  • Investment Fund and Private Investment Company
  • Intellectual Property and Trademarks
  • Private Trust Company and Family Office
  • Holding Real Estate and Yachts
  • International Trade and Captive Insurance


In an effort to promote and encourage continued economic and financial growth in The Bahamas, Bahamian legislation introduced the Foundations Act, 2004.

The Bahamas Foundation is a legal entity with limited liability created with a charter document and minimum initial assets of $10,000 filed with the Registrar General’s Department.

The Founder can be a natural person or legal entity (or a nominee); Beneficiaries can be named/nominated; the Secretary must be a resident in The Bahamas with a Registered Office.

Foundations are exempt from taxes, business licence fee, exchange control, and stamp duties. However, exchange control applies to residents and stamp duty apply to Bahamian real estate transactions.

Foundations can act and contract with third parties in their own right; assets can be received into the Foundation, sold and distributed in accordance with the Articles.

Foundations may be used for the following purposes:

  • Estate Planning and/or Preserving Family Wealth
  • Asset Protection, Asset Segregation
  • Philanthropy and Charities
  • Holding Group Companies and Private Trust Companies


Titan Funds are investment funds that are designed to create a way for Bahamians to enter the investment market for as little as $500 or enhance their holdings while helping to build the Bahamian economy and spread the wealth. Titan funds bring investing for all within reach.

Titan Balanced Fund

The Titan Balanced Fund is an investment fund designed for individuals who are interested in participating in the investment arena with a minimum of $500. Initial entry into the Fund starts with an investment of $500. Additional shares may be purchased at any time online, with $100 or more.

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