What are the Titan Funds?

The Titan Funds are a unique opportunity for Bahamians to grow their wealth by investing in success. Where the traditional markets have been stagnant or declining, and savings accounts earn very little interest, the Titan Funds are designed to grow your investment through the ownership of shares in businesses and private and public investment instruments that have a track record of growth.

What are the types of investment funds being offered by Investar Securities Limited?

There are two types of funds being offered:

How do I determine which investment fund is best for me?

The Titan Balanced Fund is a medium to high-risk investment fund that is growth-oriented, generating attractive returns. The Titan Fixed Income Fund is a low-risk investment fund that generates a safe and steady return.

What is the difference between the two investment funds?

The make-up of the portfolios is different. The Titan Balanced Fund’s portfolio includes shares in Island Luck and will also invest in long-term government leased real estate and other private and public investment instruments.

The Titan Fixed Income Fund invests in corporate and government bonds and caters to accredited investors– those whose net worth is over $1 million, with income of more than $200,000 in the last two years or with total assets over $5,000,000.

What will the funds be investing in?

The Titan Balanced Fund will invest in a combination of public and private companies. The Titan Balanced Fund will be made up of a percentage of Playtech Systems shares.  Playtech systems owns Island Luck, real estate holdings including properties with long-term government leases, government securities and other investments that experienced investment managers deem suitable for yield and minimal risk.

The Titan Fixed Income Fund invests in corporate and government bonds.

What is the rate of return?

Given the unique assets in the Titan Investment Funds portfolio, the anticipated rate of return ranges from 7–10% on the Titan Balanced Fund and 5-7% on the Fixed Income Fund.

Are there any guarantees my money will be safe?

For example, I know that when I put my money in a savings account, it will be there even if I don’t earn very much money on it?

There is an element of risk in every investment and every investment is performance-based. So while there may not be any guarantees, we can state with confidence that because of the nature of investments in the portfolio including Playtech which owns Island Luck and long-term leases on major commercial properties, we are comfortable that we have created meaningful investments with minimum risk.

How do I invest in the Titan Funds?

You’re required to bring your form of payment for the fund along with one original government photo identification, your national insurance card and proof of address to any of the subscription locations. Payment forms accepted include cash, personal or certified checks only. All payments over five-thousand dollars ($5,000) will require a certified check. Checks should be made payable to “The Titan Balanced Fund” or “The Titan Fixed Income Fund”.

Where do I go to invest in the funds?

To invest in the fund, bring your government identification and the supporting documents requested to either Cash ‘n Go on Rosetta Street, Cash ‘n Go, Carmichael Road or Greenleaf Financial Services on Collins Avenue , 4th Terrace or Thompson Boulevard.

You can also come to our offices at Investar on East Bay Street at Deveaux Street and we’ll be happy to help and walk you through the simple process. Please also remember to bring your ID to show that you are a Bahamian and over 18.

For more information please go to our website at www.ivstar.com to download the subscription forms, Offering Memorandum and Investment Summary on the Titan Funds.